I LOVE HORATIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 31, 2008

It's So Darn Hot!

Hi Everyone!

Suzie here again, with a little weather report. It has been so hot this summer! Sally and I took our kids to the waterpark last weekend and we had a great time. They have this new ride that's twice as high as any of the others. I can't believe I had the guts to try it!

It's nice to have my son Brandon back home for the summer. It's funny, back in High School he never wanted summer to end. Now that he's in college, it's like he can't wait for school to start again. I suppose that's a good thing...

Oh, and Sally, if you're reading this, I'll give you those pictures from last weekend when we see eachother at the Whiskey Barn this saturday.

So long all!