I LOVE HORATIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 25, 2008

I can't wait for the Valentine Bake Sale in 2 weeks!!

Patricia told me last night that she hung up posters all over telling people about the 4th annual Valentine Bake Sale.

My five flavor cake is always a hit! I'm going to make it just like I always do. And it's for a good cause too, so that makes me feel good about what I have done.

The posters are up all over town, for anyone who wants to come (and you should!)

See you all there!

Suzie LaRue

Jan 17, 2008

Another Wonderful Evening

Me and Sally O'Brien were down at the Whiskey Barn again last Saturday, and I do believe Horatio's band was better than ever.

I got off early from work and picked Sally up at her place and then we got to stand up right in the front row for another packed Horatio Lee Jenkins performance. Me and Sally both wholeheartedly agree that his song will inspire so many people and change so many lives.

My favorite part of the performance was when he started singing the beginning of 'Drunker Than Satan', and I think his eyes may have sort of made contact with mine. I couldn't really tell, because his sunglasses are so dark... but there was just something about his face--it was awesome.

Leaving the Whiskey Barn after his concerts kind of makes me feel the same way I do as when I leave Church--changed, inspired, fulfilled.

I cannot ever get his amazing song 'Drunker Than Satan' out of my head. And I hope it never ever leaves.

Well, bless you all for reading this, I have to get back to what I have to get back to here.

This is Susan signing off!!